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Suitcase – Luggage-American Tourister Moonlight

Suitcase-Travel Bag- Luggage American Tourister Moonlight

Think Bag. Super American Tourister Moonlight Expand Spinner Wheels, The Power of design inside and out, Strong, fabulous quality, fabuluos colors, great suitcase. From American Tourister. The shell of the suitcase and the handles are all very nice and feel sturdy to the touch. It’s spacious and light weight. Can’t miss it. The bag is accurately made , See site, functional and super cute. With this beautiful colors it looks more expensive than what you pay.

The color makes it stand out on the baggage claim. The inside zipper makes it easy to keep things organized. It’s light weight and easy to roll. You will use this suitcase for a long time. This rolling luggage is so pretty with pockets for small items. The wheels make it so easy to walk with the wheels, handles are sturdy. American Tourister is very well made brand. All good nice looking. Be Always In Style. Have a good trip !!

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