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Laptop-Notebook-dell-PC-Apple MacBook Pro 15″

( Touch Bar, 2.6GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB)

Laptop-Notebook-dell-PC- Apple MacBook Pro 15″ is the latest product of the MacBook Pro with a touch bar. When you buy a laptop, You would consider the following aspects: Processor, screen size, screen display, sound speaker quality, battery life and portability.

More Power, Laptop-Notebook- Performance & Pro

Screen size,screen display and keyboard features: see webpage Looking over the screen display, its graphics are splendid with Intel HD Graphics it has crystal clear visuals. In other times when it tries to go on sleep mode it gives this distorted visualization.

On the other hand it has a big screen and this for college students who work on laptops everyday it helpful, since you would not be damaging your eyesight when looking at a small screen.

The best laptop MacBook Pro 15″

The screen is pretty thin but is made from a strong aluminum that is polished giving it a sharp look. The keyboard has a touch bar which has multiple of shortcuts and a touch id that helps you login faster rather than typing in your password everytime.

It sometimes comes in useful when editing videos, writing essays, and when watching videos. When you click on the keys it is definitely a quieter keyboard than the old Apple MacBook Pro. It also has a wide trackpad installed which makes it simpler for you to work with in addition.

The keyboard has two side speakers one on each side with great sound quality raising the volume to the max gives a sensation of being at a concert.

Battery durability, portability and processor: Aside from the external features of the laptop, internal features of the laptop, internal features are quite important aspects. Considering the battery life. It has a very good durability when you charge the laptop it only takes about one hour to reach 100 percent. Moreover, it also lasts a long time when you use it for a full day from putting to sleep and turning it on again then working with it. It’s impressed.

Essentially the weight of the laptop is light and easy to carry. The processor is a 2.6 GHz intel core it is pretty, fast when openning up a webpage and downloading any document or program. The best laptop you can buy. It’s impossible to go wrong with it. This is fabulous machine.

Just a word to the wise : Do not get liquids anywhere near this machine.

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