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Carry On Luggage – Travel Bag – American Tourister

If you really enjoy travelling , American Tourister is the right brand of luggage to buy. This is a perfect little bag size for carry on sizing. It’s easy to maneuver, well made, easy to handles. It’s very sturdy – a lot of compartments. Great for under the seat on planes. The fabric is very durable high quality item at a great price, Strong Quality, great value for money this small trolley bag. Carry on Luggage Roll, it allows for the easy convenience of rolling on two durable wheels. You can pull it behind you by the retractable handle that locks into place. See here. You can also stack other small bags on top and wheel them all together. Whatever combination you need , this rolling bag will withstand a lot of weight. It also has two straps on the top with a velcro grip designed for an easy carry or even a location to hook your travel pillow or a coat.

Depending on your airline, some consider this to be a personal item, as it fits the specified dimensions if you do count it as a carry-on,you will have no problem getting it to fit into the overhead compartment. It can be used for all types of trips. Count it as your carry-on and check a larger bag when you go on a long vacation. Highly recommended, worth all the money. You can use it as a personal item on a business trip and you will be able to use it years. Perfection Meets Creativity Have a good trip !!

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