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Best self help books all time

You Were Born Rich – Bob PROCTOR

Think book, Powerful read for those already to take control of their lives and be more intentional in their actions. This self-help book a brilliant start to personal growth and can change your life forever. Click here for more details. Now it’s a classic, a good book, solid, easy to read and simple, if you only know the principles then you have the code for success and thats what Bob’s book has achieved. It will improve your level of expectation for your life and business’ success.

Mr.Proctor will start that changing the false concepts that you presently hold and putting in a new idea or concept will help you tremendously, see more. He is not afraid to say the things that we’ve all secretly suspected, or even known, in our heart , to be true but nobody seems to be talking about, and then he goes layers deeper, spotting the roadblock that we’re not even aware of.

Everyone has the ability to make things better . Read This Book And See Yourself.

7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness: Power Ideas from America’s Foremost Business Philosopher

Very good self-help book, informative, and business. Above all, every young adult should read this book before reading any other.

1- Unleash The Power Of Goals, 2-Seek Knowledge, 3-Learn How To Change, 4-Control Your Finances, 5-Master Time, 6-Surround Yourself with winners, 7-Learn Art Of Living Well. Click here for more details. This book to every one at every level of personal development and self-growth.


The greatest motivational self-help book of all time ! The magic formula for making-money never changes. All these strategies are still just as valid today. Click here to learn more. The only thing holding you back is you. Once you accept this fact and realize that you have become a victim or servant of your thoughts rather than having them serve you, then your life will change in an astanishingly short period of time. Temporary obstacles are not a permanent barrier to success.

This is the original version as first published after The Great Depression. Thanks to The Napoleon Hill Fondation that has made this copy available to the general public. Classic. Important for anyone’s library. Add To Cart

Wealth Attraction In The New Economy

This book sets you up to understand what’s coming and what’s already here. Dan Kennedy speaks about mindset. There are lots of books and courses out in the world of businesses but few touch on the mindset needed to succeed in business. See more. He reminds you that anyone else’s financial straits or achievements have nothing to do with you. In other words only your finances and how you see / feel about them matter, it doesn’t matter what the economy is doing. It’s how you see your business that directly affects your business success or failure.

Mr. Kennedy warns you early that what you are about to read, may shock you. He further states that the title must be taken to heart. Get your mind right and you can begin to take the steps necessary to get your business and marketing right. This book is The Power to get wealth. Buy it, share it with others, and Get Wealthy ! Add To Cart

It’s Not About the Money – Kindle Edition

You must add it to your library and get the spirit of your journey in your bones. All of Bob Proctor’s material is top-notch. I’d call him one of the most consistent trainers in the personal development field. I think his Best Works are “You Were Born Rich” and “It’s Not About The Money”, but you really can’t go wrong with any of his books or products.

Mr. Proctor explains why the right mental attitude is important to success, but he doesn’t sugarcoat the fact that in order to succeed you need to work for it. The title ” It’s Not About The Money “comes from his belief that in order to profit you need to be passionate about what you do and offer a product or service that benefits others. Highly recommended. Add To Cart

Money Makes You Happy by Alfio Bardolla (2016)

This is excellent self-help book for openning your mind about money. If you want to review your relationship with money, and change your attitude towards money, Mr. Bardolla gives you practical informations to help clarify how you can improve your current financial situation.

It’s a powerful book, easy to read, to every level of personal development and self-help. Highly recommended !

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