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Suitcase – Travel Bag-Osprey Shuttle 36″

SUITCASE – OSPREY SHUTTLE 36″ is a fantastic lightweight travel bag, excellent construction, high quality, sturdy zippers and looks fabulous. The wheels are solid, make it easy to maneuver and installed in a way that protects them from outside damage.

It looks very nice and rugged, it is also incredilbly light which helps you meet the airlines requirements for weight. It has convenient pockets as well, and the cinches help compress the bag when it’s full. Basically, it’s huge, it could easily be filled well over airline limits, but if you want space to fit what you need and not feel constrained, this is a great bag for you. Even if it’s expensive, worth the cost. You will not have any problem whith the size of the bag. It’s extremely strong, accurately very well made.

Pros & Cons

Pros : Lightweight, sturdy frame and chaissis , three straps that are great at both compressing the bag and protecting the main compartment zippers, really useful top compartment, lots of handles.

Cons : No padding along the bottom compartment and the layout of this compartment makes packing the bottom of the bag a bit harder.

If you are looking for a durable, drag though the dirt, piece of luggage this is it is.

Power To Travel And Style With You In Mind. Add To Cart.

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